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Project Based Learning in the Classroom: Setup, Integration and Reflection. Erasmus +. KA101.

La semana del 8 al 13 de julio de 2019 nuestra compañera Marian Navarro tuvo la oportunidad de participar en un curso estructurado en Berlín bajo el proyecto ERASMUS + KA101 bajo el nombre: NUEVAS METODOLOGÍAS PARA FOMENTAR EL APRENDIZAJE ACTIVO Y CONSEGUIR LA PLENA INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DEL IES CAÑADA DE LA ENCINA. A continuación os dejamos el diario que escribió cada uno de los días que estuvo allí, acompañado de unas fotos.

Project Based Learning in the Classroom: setup, integration and reflection. Berlín. Marian Navarro.

Day 1 in Berlin. Today, I’ve been doing some tourism around the historical part of Berlin, which I started in Bradenburg Gate. It’ awesome! In the afternoon, I have started the classes with the presentation of each of the participants. Then, we had some time for games to get to know each other. In the evening, I had the chance to visit the East Side Gallery, where I could see the famous graffitis on the former Berlin Walls. It’s been kind of an exhausting day, but worthy!

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Day 2 of PBL course. We have been working in groups all the time, since this is the methodology we should use when involved in PBL. We have worked on the right steps for Project Based Learning and we have come up with very interesting ideas for future projects. I had the chance to visit AlexanderPlatz, Legoland, Jewish area and its cozy patios. I have just fallen in love with the city.


Day 3 and day 4 have been very productive in terms of possible Erasmus 229 with students. I have talked about the different projects we make in our school and all my partners were impressed. As for the PBL lessons themselves, we have worked on apps to be used in class.
I had the chance to visit the amazing city of Potsdam and the dramatic Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.


Day 5. Today it’s been the last day of the course. We all have presented our projects based on PBL methodology and we’ve learnt methodologies to make sure children are working properly on their tasks. Finally, I have shown them our projects about Audioguides and Film Festival and they were all impressed by such a hard work. So, I feel so proud of you all. Conclusion, we can all be sure that our school is one of the best!

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